Marko Ritachka

  • Addicted to creating cool things
  • Full-stack engineer specializing in the manufacturing industry
  • Graduated with B.S. in Computer Science at UC San Diego


General Use
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Swift
Web Development
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • React/Angular/Vue.js
  • Node.js/Express/
  • Bootstrap/Polymer
  • Three.js/Firebase/Handlebars
  • GitHub (and Git workflows)
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • LaTeX
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • 3D Modeling/Printing
  • Windows/MacOS/Linux Distros
  • iOS/Android Development
  • Arduino & Related Microcontrollers
  • Raspberry Pi & Embedded Linux Systems
  • Fluent in English & Ukrainian
  • Learning Mandarin & German
  • First Aid and CPR/AED Certified
  • Food Service Certified



An app to browse and purchase local freelance services
What's That Food?
A food journaling app to keep track of and review your previous meals
An app that expands on iOS's depth data processing for artistic effects
Eagle Realty Website
A real estate website implementing IDX databases of local listings
Music Visualizer
A creative VR music visualizer created at a Hackathon
This Site


Custom 3D Printer
A custom high-end FDM Cartesian-Style 3D Printer built from scratch and continuously being upgraded
Pancake Printer
A printer that prints and cooks pancakes in the design of an uploaded photo/vector
Wand Laser Tag
An Arduino-based laser tag system embedded in the form factor of a Harry-Potter style wand
Umbrella Holder
I worked with a client to design and fabricate a mount for a car to conveniently hold an umbrella in situations where it would be inconvenient to do otherwise
Custom Quadcopter
A quadcopter made from scratch with a 3D-printed frame
Cheap PC VR Headset
A custom designed and fabricated VR headset that's designed for affortability and compatibility with PC applications

Fun Projects

Replica Iron Man Suit
A wearable, motorized, and lit up replica Iron Man suit. Utilizing HUD interfaces, EEG muscle sensing, and custom current drivers.
Electic Longboard
Electric longboard made from scratch with top speed of 40+ mph and 30 mile range
Animatronic Sorting Hat
An animatronic and wireless Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter films. It streams a user's voice and mimics their facial expression with 5 motors
A fun Unity demo created at a Hackathon to explore simple game mechanics in VR
Powersuit Costume
A commissioned superhero costume for a school principal at a themed event. Created with foam, 3D printing, and Arduino related electronics
Quidditch Branding
An ongoing effort in graphic design to create designs for Quidditch at UCSD's logos, banners, headers, website, apparel, events, and merchandise.

And much more in progress...


Hobbyist Electronics
Raspis, Arduino, FPGAs, oh my!
Piano, Violin, Guitar, & Theremin
Surfing✔ Gymnastics✔ Quidditch✔
3D Printing
With my custom "Red Hot Chili Bot"
The Outdoors
Raised in the sparkling Trinity Alps
I'm serious. And don't call me Shirley


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(Updated 4/19/22)

Contact Me
(530) 739-8910
8550 Costa Verde Blvd. Apt. 5404, San Diego, CA 92122